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Meditation T.V.

Below is a diverse collection of wonderful video meditations.  What works for one, may not work for another, so go through each and find which works best for you.  All are just 5 minute long meditations.  5 Minutes a day or even just a few times per week can literally change your life in as little as a month!  It's Free, it's Positive.  Why not?

Make it a Great Day!

5 Minute Calm Meditation—with Theta Beats

5 Minute Meditation Bell—Calm, Mindfulness

5 Minute Anxiety Reduction—Guided Meditation

5 Minute Music Meditation for Positive Energy

"5 Minutes Off"—Guided Meditation

5 Minute "Morning Gratitude" Guided Meditation

5 Minute Guided Meditation—Recharging Yourself