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Sun in Leo

The Sun in Astrology

The Sun represents our ego, the self. How we outwardly operate in our life. Coupled with it's birth chart location, the natal moon sign, and other planetary positions, it can illuminate an individual's life purpose and path.

Sun Leos are born between July 23 to August 22—cusp dates may shift by a few days given the birth year.

You Are a People Magnet

Like the Sun that rules the sign of Leo, the planets gravitate around in a steady, constant orbit; people tend to revolve around you. Your personality is hearty, warm, and rich. You tend to bring joy and happiness everywhere you go; people see that and want to be a part of it. Good news for them, your generous nature is more than happy to bring anyone along; as a matter of fact, you prefer the company. Leos love a good party and love to be the ones to bring life to them.
You take great time and pride in your personal presentation and appearance. It means a great deal to you that you always make the right and lasting impression with others, no matter the occasion. You are quite memorable amongst the many people you meet and socialize with. Not only are many of you stunners in regards to your appearance, but you also charm others with your warm personality and a terrific sense of humor. You love to sparkle and shine, from the inside out. Because of these irresistible attributes of yours, you inspire others to want to share your company and to strive to be their own personal best.

Leo in Love

You Are Endlessly Generous

Nothing brings joy to Leo's heart more than making others smile. Most Leos are known for their incredibly generous and giving nature. Gift giving in all forms is immensely uplifting for the recipient, but perhaps more uplifting for you as the gift-giver. It truly warms your heart deeply to know that you were able to shine light and warmth on another. The heart is ruled by the sign of Leo, so it's no wonder that all matters of the heart, particularly "heart-warming" matters are a specialty for the Leo individual. You're the one that usually remembers every birthday and every holiday. You love to make others feel special.
Gifts are not the only thing you enjoy giving; you love sharing compliments, encouragement, and inspiration. You do everything in a BIG way, and this especially shines brightest when you strive to uplift the people around you.

Your Creativity Knows No Limits

You are constantly overflowing with original, creative ideas. Whatever you are involved in, so is your creative mind—it never stops. You are blessed with endless vision. This is why there are so many Leos that make great performers, artists, and musicians. However, regardless to what vocation or past-time that you might involve yourself in, you will undoubtedly find your creative gears working overtime. You are able to inject your creative vision into even the most mundane task at hand.

It doesn't matter what the subject is; you have a special way of creatively thinking your way through it. No problem is too big, and no idea is impossible. The old English proverb, "where there is a will, there is a way" must have been first said by someone with strong Leo in their birth chart. For this is the epitome of Leo.

You Are Optimistic Beyond Measure

Leos prefer to stay on the "sunny side" of things. You are, by nature, hopelessly optimistic—there isn't much that can bring you down. When everyone in the room has lost all hope, you're the one that immediately points out what there is to be thankful for. Being the bright shining light in any room, you are quick to remind everyone that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

You know better than most that from the darkness comes light. There is so much warmth and luminosity within you that you are never prepared to accept gloom as the final chapter. You understand that what goes down, must come up. No one can bounce back from a bad situation, quite like you! You know that life is an adventure, full of great, limitless, positive potential. You refuse to waste too much time wallowing in the sadness and disappointments of life. Life is for living, and by God, you came to LIVE IT!

You're Determined to Leave Your Mark on the World

As a Leo, you have boundless energy and ambition. You were born with the sense that you came here to make a difference somehow; to be seen, heard, and remembered. The element fire rules Leo, and that is just what you feel inside. You are a fiery force. You have the passion and determination to reach any goal you set for yourself, successfully. You are not usually one to shirk a challenge, nor turn away from an opportunity.

Whatever your given field of work, you do it well and work hard at being the best at what you do. Leos tend to stand out amongst their peers—depending on the sun placement in the birth chart; some may stand out more than others. It is quite common for many of you to be the "face" person for whatever it is you do or represent. You don't mind at all (unless your Sun sits in the 12th house) you feel quite comfortable in the spotlight, and often, prefer it.

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