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Sun in Aquarius

The Sun in Astrology

The Sun represents our ego, the self. How we outwardly operate in our life. Coupled with it's birth chart location, the natal moon sign, and other planetary positions, it can illuminate an individual's life purpose and path.

Sun Aquarius are born between January 20 to February 18—cusp dates may shift by a few days given the birth year.

You Came Here to Change the World

Aquarians know that the only sure bet in life is that things will change; and come hell or high water, you'll be the one to do it. Aquarians are born with an inner vision and insight into the world that no one has ever seen or even dreamed of. When you think of an Aquarius, think of technology; it moves fast, changes, and revolutionizes the fundamentals of our thinking on a mass level. All of these things are Aquarius in a nutshell.

As an Aquarian, you have an inexplicable deep inner urge to take what you see (whether it be in social situations, work, or at home) and change it, bring it into the future, and make it better. Your mind goes a mile-a-minute, and you can't help but to try and think up ways that will better the world for all. You want to make the world a better place, and by God, you know how to do it!

You're a Trendsetter Without Even Trying

As with your ability of lightning fast, intuitive insight in regards to the world around you and what it needs, the same can be said for fashion.

No one looks like or could be confused with the Aquarian. Your unique and ever-changing fashion tastes are

continuously cutting edge and unusual. You always seem to tap into what the future trends will be before anyone has ever seen or heard of it. The amazing thing is that you do this without a thought. You have flashes of insight; you dig what you envision, throw it together and out the door you go—without another thought about it. Inevitably, turning heads everywhere you travel too.

By the time others finally come around to trying what you've been rocking for months, you're already light years ahead of them on some other unusual fashion trip. The coolest thing about it is that you tend to do this unconsciously. It's not that keeping up with fashion or setting the trend is of any interest to you; you just like what you like, and as a by-product, you have an uncanny, prophetic ability to tap into some of the future trends that are right around the corner.

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You Have Moments of Pure Genius

Completely original in every aspect of your thinking, you are fearless when it comes to challenging traditional patterns of thought. Your fierce determination to be individualistic and unique begins and soars from your mind.

Because you are unafraid to explore questions and concepts that most people would find uncomfortable or too complex to contemplate, you frequently experience flashes of sudden insight that borderlines genius. Even to you, the process of how you get to a particular thought can be a bit of a mystery. You begin with a simple question, and then you hop onto the mental train that rides the stream of consciousness. You can quite literally become lost in your thoughts—so much so, that you may find it difficult to sleep, most nights. Take advantage of these moments by keeping a journal of your thoughts. The more you record your flashes of insight and unique ideas, the easier it will become for you to harness this incredible intellectual ability of yours.

You Find Lying to Others and Yourself Difficult

Aquarius is known as the humanitarian of all the zodiac. Which means you lean toward a more altruistic nature. Telling a lie conflicts with this inner urge you have that wants to search for, and live by truth, beauty, and goodness. This is not to say you never lie, but it does mean that lying certainly does not come naturally for you. When you do find yourself in a situation of wanting to deceive, it is incredibly difficult for you to do so—as a result, this can make many Aquarians bad liars. However, it is worth mentioning that other planetary positions, aspects, and signs within your natal chart can influence how strong or weak this natural Aquarian inclination can be.
On the flip side, you can be known to be brutally honest. People will learn quickly whether or not they sincerely want your opinion. It's not that you intend to come off as harsh or crass, it's simply that if someone asks your opinion, you think nothing of it to share exactly what you think—for better or worse.


Your Superhuman Ability of Self-Sufficiency Is Unmatched

If the zombie apocalypse started today, I'd want to be on your team. As an Aquarian, you are built for survival. Many of you feel that you are here on Earth with a deeper, higher purpose as if you were put here to save the world somehow. You shine and thrive in situations of distress. When everyone else is having an emotional breakdown, you become machine-like; already mapping and planning the most efficient escape route. Little gets by you, and you know how to utilize every minuscule detail in any given situation. 

This calculative ability makes you an excellent chess player.

While this skill of self-sufficiency comes in handy in a moment of crisis, it is a fantastic tool that you tap into each and every day. Anyone that knows you well knows that it is quite rare for you to be wrong; this is because your mind is always going a mile-a-minute. For example, when entering a room, you've already picked up every detail in the room before the host has even had a chance to say, "Hello". This quick skill of observation gives you the ability to map out situations far into the future; giving you an accurate vision of how particular actions will affect specific outcomes.

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